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Air | Do-it-yourself magnet

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Creator kit Create your own creation with our separate magnet. Let your own product float on a counter? Surprise your guests with a revolving cheese board? Let your creativity run wild and please share this with us. We are very curious! Place the magnet i
Air | Do-it-yourself magnet

The Lumbr Air Makers Kit

Make your own creative object float with the DIY magnet. This magnet can only be used with the Lumbr Air Base. 

Have your own product float on your counter? Stun your guests with a floating plate of cheese? Let your creativity run free and share it with us. We are looking forward to see what you come up with!

Note, this is an extension product. The air base is not included in the deliver and should be purchased seperatly) 

(This extension only works on the Lumbr Air Base, not on the hanging base with metal fixture)