Wooden watch care

Wooden watch care

Care about your wooden watch.

Wooden watch care

A wooden watch can have many advantages when it comes to fashion, style and its light construction but you may be interested to know how you care for a watch that is mostly made of wood. The strong wood that is generally used in the construction of wooden watches is made for its resiliency. Just like any good stainless steel watch, a wooden band can last for many years without showing signs of wear.

Here are some top tips on how you can maintain the look of your wooden watch and keep it looking great.
Try not to submerge or expose the watch to water over long periods: Wooden watches can be water resistant but they can sometimes change their configuration and wear a little differently when exposed to high heat and moisture at the same time. If you are in the shower or sauna you should take your watch off. Wooden watches should also not be worn in salt water.

Do not expose the watch to extreme temperatures
Although wooden watches are treated with special coatings it is important to remember that they can damage when placed near a heater or fire place. Not only can the wood sometimes crack but the watch can still be flammable especially if you are wearing it near an open flame.

Adjust it to fit

The process of adjusting your watch is quite simple. Just press the pins in the side of the watch to release the link and then link it back up to shorten the band.

Coating the watch for care

If sections of the watch coating start to look discolored in appearance or the wood appears to be dry without coating, you could also consider coating the outside of the watch band with beeswax and leaving it out overnight.

Use these tips to care for your wooden watch!



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