Top reasons a wooden watch makes a great gift:

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Top reasons a wooden watch makes a great gift:

The Lumbr Wooden watches are different, light, and fall on. A great gift for example, a loved one with taste.

Top reasons a wooden watch makes a great gift:

 There are a number different reasons why a wooden watch can make a fantastic gift. Not only did people love watches as traditional gifts, but a wooden watch is something completely unique that most watch collectors don't even have. Here's some of the top reasons why you should consider giving the gift of a wooden watch.

Striking accessory

It matches many outfits: Wooden watches are incredibly neutral and this means that they can match with a huge righty of outfits. Not only can a wooden watch be perfect for formal wear as well as for casual wear, but it is bound to match with any outfit that a person may have.

It is ecologically responsible: Anyone that likes ecologically responsible gifts is bound to love it wouldn't watch. Because it's made from sustainable materials and natural materials this is the kind of gift that any environmentally conscious person will love.

It is easy to care for: It can be very easy to care for and also very light to wear. With minimal care on a wooden watch you can maintain the look of it for a very long time.


It is completely unique: even if you know somebody that has tens of watches that they wear regularly, a wooden watch is bound to give them something that's completely unique for their collection. If you have someone that's particularly difficult to buy for, a unique watch like this can be a wonderful statement.

Keep these top reasons in mind for why a wooden watch makes a fantastic gift. 


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