Networking using a wooden watch

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Networking using a wooden watch

You don’t need to tell us that Lumbr’s simple, rugged wooden watches are true eye-catchers. It is therefore much more rewarding when our customers experience this themselves.

Because our wooden watches are rugged but classy at the same time, they don’t only go perfectly with casual clothing, but also with a formal jacket or a business suit. It is this combination with a more formal look that ensures that the watch will get all the attention.

Frequently, our customers tell us that their Lumbr watch is an ideal business conversation starter. It stands out and elicits compliments. Business partners are often curious to know the material it is made of, or they wonder if it is too heavy to wear. In this way, the ice is broken easily, making your Lumbr watch the perfect conversation starter.


The unique designs of our watches will definitely make a statement with each outfit. All watches are handmade and therefore unique, so your watch emphasises your individual taste and style. The use of lightweight wood provides maximum comfort, allowing you to fully focus on your business deal. A deal which might be established thanks to your watch…


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