Are you looking for a really original business gift?

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Are you looking for a really original business gift?

Are you looking for a really original business gift? Lumbr can help you!

Our unique wooden watches, wallets and the Beatblok by Lumbr are very suitable as original and personalised business gifts! Our sustainable products stand out due to their natural appearance and sturdy look. And because they are created carefully and individually, they are the perfect, unique business gift for every firm aware of the importance of customer loyalty!


Personal touch

Lumbr’s products also stand out, of course, due to their unique and functional design, for example the portable speaker Beatblok and the compact wallet Børs. But we can provide even more exclusivity! With a laser cutter, we can provide these items with a detailed logo or a personal message in our carpentry workshop. Custom-made and remarkable; the perfect way to stand out as a business!


Luxury gift

If you want to give your business relations a luxury gift, for example to celebrate a long-term partnership, you can also opt for one of our wooden watches. These beautiful, rugged timepieces are a practical and special gift. Lumbr’s collection consists of watches made from different, sustainable types of wood, for both ladies and gentlemen. A great way to celebrate a business relationship, and a gift sure to be appreciated by customers!


Being noticed is everything

By choosing one of the wooden Lumbr products, a business gift becomes more than just a present. Watches, the Børs and the Beatblok are all practical items for daily use; in the office, workshop or shop. By adding a personal touch, these turn into unique gifts that stand out. So, those who want to give a truly special gift to their customers, choose a business gift from Lumbr!



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